Paul Hage Mirage: Music in a New Suit

Paul Hage Mirage: Music in a New Suit

The break you could get from today’s booty-oriented music.

Swift shaking it off, Trainor and her obsessions with The Bass, Maroon5’s bewildering resemblance to Animals, and every other singer’s fascination with Booty. A few of the traumatizing music experiences I have everywhere I turn my ears.

This past weekend, I wanted to go out but I was hoping not to get my brain soiled by the songs I hear on my daily commute to and from work, at work, at the local diner where I try to enjoy my food, and at home when my brother is trying to write his next presentation. But thank God for a local band, my weekend was made.

Paul Hage Mirage is a jazz group that isn’t what you would expect. They are so unique, it is hard for me to describe them accurately. They play a fusion of Jazz, Nuevo-Flamenco, Acid, Smooth Jazz, and Classical-Style Guitar. “We incorporate world rhythms and instrumentation from the three continents that border the Mediterranean sea,” explained Paul Hage after his introductory performance at 31 Club.

Their music is reinvigorating, soul-energizing, and just so joyful. The second you hear it, you automatically dance. You spontaneously become a seasoned salsero, a sexy bellydancer, a flexible flamenco dancer, or if all fails, just a fun dancer!

Paul Hage, a multi-instrumentalist originally from Lebanon, bends the strings on a guitar in a such a way that you can feel it in your heart. His keyboard tunes flow like a beautiful scent in the room. Dan Innes, an all strings Buffalo-native talent, complements Paul’s beats and adds a hint of mesmerizing rhythm. His guitars cry when he seamlessly transition from a Gipsy Kings-style verse, to an old Lebanese song in one continuous piece. Hage and Innes’ magic is finished with a hint of Morocco from Hicham, the awesome percussionist.

Reading is not listening.. I know! Luckily, they have an album on iTunes you can get: (Wouldn’t hurt to support your local talents, would it?!)

Paul Hage Mirage play at 31 Club on some weekends. They’ve played at Templeton Landing, Nektar and many other of the great lounges in Buffalo. Follow them on Facebook to get their latest updates.

I have joined this band on many occasions, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I sometimes play the Derbaki or Bongos with them. I do not care how many painful blisters I would get the next morning. All I know is that I am in a different world when I join these talents on one stage.

So next time you want to have some different fun from your usual places, try to find where Paul Hage Mirage is playing. I guarantee you an awesome time.

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