The New Journeys We Start

The New Journeys We Start

How I justified this new, yet pretty old, approach.

Here we go! My first personal blog post. But who cares? There is a scary number of blog posts published daily. Frustrating.

But then I remember what Seth Godin said about blogs:

“The word blog is irrelevant. What’s important is that it is now common, and will soon be expected that every intelligent person (and quite a few unintelligent ones) will have a media platform where they share what they care about with the world.”

I’ll tell you the truth. I am afraid to be the unintelligent by missing the train just as much as I am afraid to be the unintelligent by jumping on that train with no intelligent thoughts to share about the world.

So what changed? Nothing! I only realized one thing: Starting my personal blog was a risk that I shied away from for a really long time. But I am not the type that plays it safe. I jump head first and the rest will follow. This has served me well for the most part and I finally understood that blogging is no different.

Isn’t it too late, you may ask? Possibly, pretty darn late. But if you’ve read Mitch Joel’s blog posts, you would understand. A year ago he said:

“… I often find myself wondering if the world needs another blog, another tweet, another post about some wonderful place you’re visiting or how hard of a workout you just had at the gym. The world probably doesn’t need that, but it does need your thinking.”

So, am I going to blog to sound intelligent? Am I sharing something useful to the world? I don’t know! Although I am professionally fluent in English, it is not my native tongue. That by itself may or may not make me sound like an idiot. So that answers question #1. It is a known fact that different people see different things as important. What I think is useful could be complete nonsense to others. But I know I have thoughts and I know I want the world to know about them.

Having said that, here is what I am going to do. I am going to write about what stands out for me. The things that grab my attention. I think I will most likely write about different campaigns I see. Mobile marketing strategies that challenge me to learn more. Ads that make me want to cuddle with my pillow and dream. Sometimes I will throw a controversial rant about something.. People who know me well know that I love to instigate.

I will try to talk about Buffalo, New York too. Someone told me years ago when I first moved there, that I will “fall in love with it after [I] spend one year here.” Boy, that has been quite the love from the first year!

So to sum up, I am a new personal blogger who has some fears of sounding stupid and a lot of passion for marketing and strategies. I will occasionally be a happy victim (for a lack of a better word) of Grammar Nazis. I may piss you off sometimes. And I love Buffalo.

Now, I do have to ask for something. I would love to get some motivation from you, dear reader, to keep me going. Any and all suggestions, comments, critiques are so welcome. I can take a lot of beating! So, have at it. Make me better.

Hussam AlMukhtar

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