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It's easy to tell people that the 2012 Nissan Versa sedan has more legroom and headroom than any other compact car in North America, but how do you leverage digital to prove that bold assertion? Create a mobile experience that lets people feel the unparalleled roominess for themselves in "first person."


The Versa digital experience centered on one thing: putting people in the driver (and passenger) seats for a "first person" view of the car's spacious interior. With legroom and headroom leading the narrative, and supported by facts and measurement, the browser-based experience uses the iPad 2 gyroscope technology to enable users to explore the vehicle’s space using 360-degree panoramic images. Roominess stories and vibrant, playful imagery are presented contextually through moments, such as a road trip with friends that attach an element of self-expression and emotion to all the facts.


The Versa "first person" digital experience, optimized for iPad 2 and iPhone and also viewable on desktops, tablets, smart phones and even internet TV, served as a pivotal proof point for Versa’s "Room for Anything" proposition. Rather than just talking about best-in-class interior cabin space—it proved it. Further, as one of the first automakers to leverage the gyro technology to create an immersive, cross-platform experience that puts the user in the driver’s seat, Nissan has deepened mobile engagement while underscoring its commitment to customer-driven innovation.


Interactive Media Awards, Best in Class Marketing; Best in Class Automotive
Favorite Website Awards, Mobile Site of the Day 10/21
W3 Awards, Automotive Silver Award

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